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Quote, 2016
Perspecta 49, The Yale Architectural Journal, with Martha Kang McGill, 9 x 12 in.

Going Up, 2014 →  Click here to visit the site. Please allow popups in your browser.

Philosopher Gaston Bachelard believes verticality is a metaphysical quality. Humans are vertical beings, he believes, because our imagination and oneiric images take root in the subterranean depths of the basement and reach upwards towards the attic of our childhood hut. 'Going Up' is an interactive experience inspired by this idea as well as the vertical living we have become used to in modern urban environments.
The Chase, 2013
A story inspired by a peculiar pedestrian sign seen in the streets of Tokyo, book, 7.5 x 10.25 in.

Assembly, with Marina Mills Kitchen, 2014
Exhibition design for the Yale Und. Art Senior Thesis Show.
Hardscape Beauty, 2013
A video taken of a highway ride from the airport to Tokyo to reveal the abstract beauty of their manmade structures, filmed with an iPhone 4s.

Drafting Template Letterforms, 2013
Book/letterform designs based on seven different drafting templates found in a local store, 8 x 10.75 in.

Drafting Template Letterforms, 2013
See full alphabet sets here. → 

Teleportation from RDGWD to SEOUL, 2013
A video filmed in Google Earth to create an adventurous escape guided by the notions of control and freedom of movment in urban places.

Control. Haven., 2013 →  Click here to visit the site. Please allow popups in your browser.
An homage to the oeuvre of hardscapes, interactive site.

Modeling Reality, with Martha Kang McGill, 2013
A final crit announcement for the Conditional Design workshop, poster, 6 x 8.5 in.
Pocky: In-between, 2012
For Karel Martens' workshop, which was based on the word "in-between", video.

Breakfast Grotesk, 2012
A revival of the original 19th century font Breite Magere Grotesk, under the guidance of Tobias Frere-Jones and Matthew Carter.
City of Spatial Transforms, 2012 →  Click here to visit the site.
A content management system in which users can add their own buildings to an imaginative city.
Will it fly?, 2012 →  Click here to visit the site.
Interactive weather site based on wind direction patterns in US cities.
Liminality, 2012
Poster, 24 x 36 in.
The Sun Also Rises, 2012
A reappropriation of Ernest Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises" with a focus on the novel's blurring of stereotypical gender roles, swiss bound book, 9 x 11.75 in.
The Man Behind the Miracle on the Han, 2012
A book on the economic and industrialization policies of former South Korean president, Park Chung Hee, with my own essay, 7.2 x 9.45 in.
KM, 2012
A design history book on the work, methodology and influences of designer Karel Martens, with my own essay, 7.5 x 10 in.
Galilee, 2012
Poster, 22 x 17 in.
Style Study of Yale Graphic Designers, 2011
Poster/book, 28 x 42 in.

Codori's Night, 2011
Infographic of my cat's movements while he was home alone for 5.5 hrs, poster, 22 x 17 in.

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